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Productivity Tips & Merchant Funding for Business Owners

Do you have an ever-growing list of tasks to complete? How can you shift your mindset and daily habits to reach more productivity? What about finding the best merchant funding to grow your business? No worries! Just read below and you’ll know.


Productivity Tips and Merchant Funding

Here’s a quicklist that can help you be more productive and stay up-to-date on your industry:


1.Decide on Your Priorities

Prioritize your tasks. Create lists forthe tasks you do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.Take the time to rearrange the lists bytaking into account the urgency and time needed for each task.


  1. Value Your Time

Do you have tasks that you could trust a skilled expert to complete them, but you can’t hire a full- or part-time employee? Why not start outsourcing to a freelancer or a contractor who’s a good alternative?


Moreover, instead of wasting time on business financing providers that aren’t the right choice for your company, just turn to a reputable alternative online lender in the field. With a reliable and experienced merchant funding provider, you can enjoy the lowest rates and unmatched business funding solutions for your business.


  1. Focus on Productive Chunks

Be focused on one task at a time. Follow a consistent rhythm that can help you finish that task more easily and without spending much time.


4.Keep Monitoring, Measuring, and Repeating

Always monitor and measure your activities. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reveal the profitability and efficiency of everything you do.Keep analyzing your activities on a regular basis.


  1. Use Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law says, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” This means how long something takes is a matter of perception.


  1. Clear at Least a Few Hours Each Week from Your Schedule

How much time do you spend on social media? Why not reduce that time? Why not stop doing certain things and have more time?


  1. AvoidMulti-Tasking

Focus on your time. Overwhelmingly, focus most of your days on one really significant task. Of course, you’ll sometimes be interrupted, but your focus will be on the most important tasks.


  1. Manage Repetitive Tasks

Identify repetitive tasks as quickly as possible. Then, start applying or creating tools that can help you complete them. A little practice and some free software will be of great help.


  1. Digitize as Many Things as You Can

Reduce office paperwork. You can do this by going digital and using the cloud to store your important documents.


  1. Always Plan for Tomorrow at the End of the Day

Spend the last 15 minutes of your day planning for the next morning. Write down a to-do list at the end of each day.


  1. Store Templates for Common Customer FAQs

When dealing with clients, you’ll find yourself repeating the same explanations and answers to questions again and again. So, start creating an individual customer guidance, with online content publication.


Productivity is critical to your success. It helps you know how much of your business expenses result in profitable goods. So, take the necessary steps to be more productive and reach better results.



Author Bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative funding (or merchant funding) solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him a finance expert at First American Merchant.