Lending money from a individual person

Sometimes you have to step into shit to avoid it in the future. It is this word that can be used to describe the situation when we lend money to friends, relatives, and then solve the puzzle as to make the debt repay.

How to take a debt from a debtor without a receipt?

In this situation, debt repayment is difficult and the probability of an unsuccessful outcome for the lender is high. But the law all the same creates conditions for the debtor to repay the debt. The main thing is the availability of evidentiary documents, which must be certified in a notary’s office, regardless of the content:

  • information from social networks;
  • notes on paper;
  • transfer through electronic payment system;
  • recording a meeting on the transfer of money from a CCTV camera;
  • blackmail

An example from life of a best money lender Singapore is how to repay a debt without a receipt, applying the latter: a good acquaintance asked to borrow 120,000 for two weeks and returned it on time. So it happened three times in a row with the receipt. For the fourth time the creditor gave 30 thousand rubles in a loan without a receipt, how to return the question did not set: the amount is small, and the person has already been verified. But the debtor began to delay the return, made promises, not fulfilling them and avoiding meetings. After a year, the creditor accidentally finds an old receipt for 120 thousand rubles and decides what to do to return the debt: he offers the borrower to return 30 thousand, or he will file a receipt in court for 120 thousand as unfulfilled. The question of how to return the debt without a receipt and witnesses was resolved, but the friendship was over.

To be the best licensed money lender in Singapore you must follow these tips on how to make the debtor’s debt repay.

Tip 1- Do not blame yourself. You ask for your hard-earned money and solve a personal problem: how to get back the debt.

Tip 2- Organize the meeting; talk with the defaulter directly and confidently, without hints.

Tip 3- If you want to mitigate the situation how to ask for repayment of the debt, strengthen the importance of returning the problems that have arisen in your life.

Tip 4- If you are low interest moneylender in Singapore then do not write for the debtor reasons. It is better to learn about them directly and make it easier for yourself how to get the debt repaid.

Tip 5- Use the “new impact” rule. Each time you contact a debtor, add a new moment: a document, circumstance, information on how to get the debt repaid.

The debtor should not be able to adapt to your actions. Find the “golden mean” how to get a person to repay a debt: remind, but do not pass.

Smart Deals for the Effective Business Credit Now

The business plan is an internal and external communication document that illustrates and summarizes the business idea,ie the characteristics and the object of the business idea, its strengths and possible market risks. This is a constantly evolving document, as the conditions of the company described can change at any time and it is fundamental to modify it accordingly, also to analyze the results obtained and adapt the strategies. Now that Interstate Capital offers business line of credit you will be benefitted the most in this matter.

What is a business plan for? Generally it has three specific and very important objectives for a brand:

A goal of internal communication, since the business plan defines the business idea and the strategic guidelines to follow in order to achieve success and bring turnover, ie summarizes the company planning and management activities;

The objective of verifying the company’s performance with regularity and constant frequency:

An objective of external communication it is, since it is a necessary tool to present the business project or the company to third parties and to research and obtain financing.

And it is precisely on this aspect that I want to concentrate on this post. Is your company or your Start-Up looking for funding to support and implement its activities? The business plan is a fundamental document to present and tell about your brand, its characteristics, its added values, its potential, and thus offer you the opportunity to access important and valuable investment funds. How to write, therefore, an effective business plan? I suggest it in this mini-guide!

  • The business plan is the document that examines the lenders to decide to which companies allow access to subsidized public loans, as well as to bank credit. This is why it is very important to write it down effectively. The three weapons on which to bet?
  • Punctuality,
  • simplicity,

Your business plan must be drawn up with precision and meticulousness, without neglecting any detail but at the same time without abounding with superfluous information, must speak an easily understandable language and must be well organized, so as to facilitate the reading and understanding of what you have to be communicated.


Hire the Right Factoring Company for Your Business

If you are facing difficulties to make your business grow because of bad credit, then you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Bad credits are like slow poison for any business. Many business owners opt for loans and other loan facilities to maintain a cash flow for their business. The high-interest rates of the loans also chock the cash flow in the business. As a result, most of the small business owners can’t cope up with the increasing labour charges and other expenses and they are forced to shut down their business. Don’t let your business ruin because of sluggish paying consumers. You can easily get rid of bad credit by hiring a good quality factoring company. There are multiple benefits of hiring a factoring company, like:

Instant Cash Flow: Factoring companies are also known as the invoice financing companies. All you have to do is provide them your invoice and they will provide you instant cash and you have no need to go through all the complicated paperwork.

Credit Tracking:  You can easily track your credit with the help of factoring companies. The factoring company executives will collect the money from your clients so that you can focus more on producing good quality goods and services for your clients.

Customer Support: Most of the factoring companies offer consumer support for the convenience of the clients. All you have to do is give them a call, and they will provide you all the important details related to your credit.

Lower Interest Rates: If you are thinking about taking a loan from the commercial banks, then you should be aware of the difference between the interest rates of the banks and factoring companies. If you are seeking a loan for the bad credits, then choosing the factoring company will be the smart choice compared to the commercial bank loans.

Because of the above-mentioned points, factoring companies have become the best option to get rid of bad credit. If you are facing troubles to make your business a profitable one, then you may opt for the factoring companies. Factoring companies will help you to maintain a cash flow and they will also collect the credits from your clients so that you never fall short of cash flow.


Eco friendlier ways for goodstransportation

The idea is to convert water from hydrogen to offshore windmills directly in the wind turbine via electrolysis water. Subsequently, the sustainably produced hydrogen is brought ashore via a high-pressure composite pipeline and used as a green transport fuel.There are many companies that are available for providing good transportation service but if you only could able to find ideal company for handling your load board work comfortably then only you should hire them. You can get the opportunity to compare the different services through the internet. It would be smart if you go for it.

Toyota launches hydrogen cell for heavy trucks

Driving on wind energy cheaper

In the feasibility study, the possible costs and potential integration benefits for all parts of the chain were analyzed. The cost price for the hydrogen has been determined and it has been calculated what this fuel may cost per vehicle. The most important conclusion is that driving on hydrogen from wind energy will eventually become cheaper than on fossil fuel.

Silent and emission-free – just like electric

A hydrogen vehicle is actually an electric vehicle. The difference is that the energy does not come from a battery, but from a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank. Hydrogen raises the limitations of electric battery driving for trucks. This makes the deployment as easy as with diesel vehicles. Silent and emission-free driving for the freight sector is now becoming reality.

VDL builds a hydrogen truck

The study shows that hydrogen can be landed at a comparable price per unit of energy as electricity. For this, electrolysis is integrated into a wind turbine that is connected directly to a hydrogen pipeline instead of an electricity grid. Due to the flexible high-pressure composite pipelines, the transport infrastructure can be installed at lower costs than for electricity. Provided it is created correctly, this automatically creates a storage buffer, one of the major issues in offshore wind.

DUWAAL demonstration project

On the basis of the knowledge gained in the research, we are currently working on demonstration project ‘DUWAAL’. An electrolyze with an onshore wind turbine is being integrated for this project.