Creation With the Zinc Selenide Now for Your Requirement Now

The invention can be used in the chemical industry. A method for processing zinc selenide waste comprises oxidizing zinc selenide at atmospheric pressure in a solution of ammonium peroxodisulfate at a concentration of 35-37% at a temperature of 70-90 ° C. Next, the resulting crude selenium is purified by a sulphite-cyclic method. The invention makes it possible to use zinc selenide without waste, and to simplify the processing of zinc selenide waste generated in the manufacture of materials in a semiconductor technique, thereby obtaining selenium in one step with a yield of 85-95%.

The invention relates to inorganic chemistry and concerns the development of a method for processing zinc selenide waste generated in the manufacture of materials in semiconductor technology.

Prior Art

A method is known for processing zinc selenide by oxidation with oxygen, followed by condensation of the resulting selenium dioxide vapor. The disadvantage of this method of processing is the complexity of the technological process and hardware design.

A method for the production of selenium dioxide is known, including oxidation with nitric acid, evaporation of the resulting solution and separation of selenium dioxide and purification of the latter by dissolving in sulfuric acid with a concentration of 70-95% and then isolating the desired product from the solution by increasing the sulfuric acid concentration to 99-100%.

The disadvantage of this method is the low quality of the product obtained

The method closest to the technical essence achieved by the positive effect and accepted by the authors for the prototype is the method for obtaining high-purity selenium dioxide by oxidation of zinc selenide at atmospheric pressure, followed by the condensation of selenium dioxide vapor. Oxidation of zinc selenide is carried out in two stages simultaneously by two streams of oxygen, in the first stage the oxidation of zinc selenide is conducted by an oxygen stream at a temperature of at least 300 ° C, and the second stage – the oxidation of the volatile products formed in the first stage at a temperature of not less than 600 ° C.

The Production of Selenium

To produce selenium from the selenium and selenious acid dioxide formed in the second stage of oxidation, it is necessary to carry out their reduction, for example, with sulfur dioxide, and then purification of selenium by known methods, for example sulfite cyclic, which complicates the process. It is impossible to obtain selenium by this method in one step.

Review of Marijuana in the New Year introduced by Leaders

The industrial cannabis market is developing by surges as well as bounds, not only in the United States however in Toronto. Legalization efforts have caused 29 conditions and also the District of Columbia to pass clinical marijuana legislation; an extra nine conditions as well as D.C. have also helped make recreational cannabis legal. In Canada, legislation to approve recreational cannabis is relocating to the last enact June 2018; Canadian people already possess access to lawful clinical marijuana.


Given the hyper-growing field as well as brand-new options in new market ideas all throughout The United States, events have been coordinated to assist commercial operators to prosper. Among the best important cannabis associations in current months was the Cannabis 2018 Cultivation Event, stored March THIRTEEN, 2018 in Oakland, The golden state. Right here, leading has a place in the burgeoning sector discussed their notions and knowledge into the office marijuana market along with event participants.


Points To Consider in Large Cultivation


Massive increase operations have sprouted in neighborhoods throughout The United States and Canada, particularly in western side states where legalization efforts have taken grip. A few of the key considerations in massive marijuana farming procedures consisting of the idea from automatic processes to help raise turnouts, top quality, as well as congruity from harvesting to harvest. Today’s cannabis consumers require impressive high quality, and also by incorporating computerized devices to the development function, those customers’ needs and also needs can easily be complied with time after time. Examples of computerization feature plant feeding and watering bodies and also light shipping time units. These automatic units remove guessing, supplying vegetations along with the optimal increasing problems as well as strengthening process efficiency across the panel.


Tidiness is also an essential component of the massive growing procedure. At several expand facilities, employees possess garments as well as individual defense equipment (PPE) that remains within the facility, aiding to remove cross-contamination from bugs and also fungus. Always keeping the expand region clean and also devoid of debris may also reduce the chances of a pathogen outbreak; the most prosperous develop procedures have detailed hygiene process to protect against the loss from crops.


Finally, numerous effective cultivators understand that development is an organic aspect of industrial development. As the marketplaces change coming from state to condition and also throughout the nation, having the ability to transform to fulfill buyer demands is of fantastic value. A flexible company style is essential, as is knowing that regulative factors to consider may develop along with the service itself. Regulative compliance is certainly not a corrected intended; as regulators acquire even more expanding knowledge of the marijuana industry, they are incorporating adjustments to the regulatory standards as well as techniques that growers must comply with to make certain conformity. More from the author.


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Services Provided by Electricians:

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