Lending money from a individual person

Sometimes you have to step into shit to avoid it in the future. It is this word that can be used to describe the situation when we lend money to friends, relatives, and then solve the puzzle as to make the debt repay.

How to take a debt from a debtor without a receipt?

In this situation, debt repayment is difficult and the probability of an unsuccessful outcome for the lender is high. But the law all the same creates conditions for the debtor to repay the debt. The main thing is the availability of evidentiary documents, which must be certified in a notary’s office, regardless of the content:

  • information from social networks;
  • notes on paper;
  • transfer through electronic payment system;
  • recording a meeting on the transfer of money from a CCTV camera;
  • blackmail

An example from life of a best money lender Singapore is how to repay a debt without a receipt, applying the latter: a good acquaintance asked to borrow 120,000 for two weeks and returned it on time. So it happened three times in a row with the receipt. For the fourth time the creditor gave 30 thousand rubles in a loan without a receipt, how to return the question did not set: the amount is small, and the person has already been verified. But the debtor began to delay the return, made promises, not fulfilling them and avoiding meetings. After a year, the creditor accidentally finds an old receipt for 120 thousand rubles and decides what to do to return the debt: he offers the borrower to return 30 thousand, or he will file a receipt in court for 120 thousand as unfulfilled. The question of how to return the debt without a receipt and witnesses was resolved, but the friendship was over.

To be the best licensed money lender in Singapore you must follow these tips on how to make the debtor’s debt repay.

Tip 1- Do not blame yourself. You ask for your hard-earned money and solve a personal problem: how to get back the debt.

Tip 2- Organize the meeting; talk with the defaulter directly and confidently, without hints.

Tip 3- If you want to mitigate the situation how to ask for repayment of the debt, strengthen the importance of returning the problems that have arisen in your life.

Tip 4- If you are low interest moneylender in Singapore then do not write for the debtor reasons. It is better to learn about them directly and make it easier for yourself how to get the debt repaid.

Tip 5- Use the “new impact” rule. Each time you contact a debtor, add a new moment: a document, circumstance, information on how to get the debt repaid.

The debtor should not be able to adapt to your actions. Find the “golden mean” how to get a person to repay a debt: remind, but do not pass.